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Transfer domain out (registered to PN not to me)

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Registered: ‎14-06-2020

Transfer domain out (registered to PN not to me)

Hi PN community

I'm a long term customer and have a custom domain name currently listed against my account. This is mostly used for email, all of which is forwarded to gmail accounts (except for the catch-all where I use the PN mailbox but collect from gmail via pop3 as it seems to be the only way).

I'm exploring moving the domain registration (and email forwarding setup) away from PN to give me more flexibility. The domain isn't currently registered to me per se, but to PN (this is for some historical reason that escapes me but I think it was some horrible PN wide spam email event back in the day where PN gave impacted customers a free domain name whilst at the same time massively overhauling their AV/spam filtering! :). 

I spoke to a support guy who eventually said moving it was possible and indeed free, but was somewhat vague on the specifcs etc.

By all accounts it seems that the most reliable way to organise this is via a post here which will hopefully get picked up by the relevant PN backend team.... But can anyone clarify the process for a domain name where I'm not currently listed (as far as Nominet are concerned) as the owner?

I think the process is:

1. get PN to change the registration details on the domain so that my own personal email address is used

2. get PN to change the IPS tag to reflect the domain registrar I'd like to transfer it to

3. receive email from new registrar from 2 on email address from 1

4. complete the transfer on new registrars platform and reconfigure DNS entries & all of my email forwarding rules

Can anyone confirm that this is correct, or how it should work if not? I can find lots of info about 2 but not about 1 (as I guess in most cases custom domains are already setup with that users personal email address rather than - what I assume will be - a PN address on "my" domain? )

Also, does anyone know at what point the forwarding rules on my PN user account/mailboxes will stop working? So that I get an idea how quickly I'll need to setup new forwarding without losing emails.

Any info or clarification much appreciated Smiley