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Timezone on ccgi

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Timezone on ccgi

I have a perl program running on the new CCGI server which I recently migrated back from the Plesk server when that was decommissioned. I had cause to use this program in anger yesterday, the first day of BST, and all the times displayed using the localtime system call were an hour out.
I fixed it pretty easily by setting the TZ environment variable to "Europe/London" within my program, but I was surprised that this was necessary. On the Plesk server I didn't need to do that, and I would have thought that CCGI would have the correct default timezone to cope with the clock change.
Is this something that ought to be changed?
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Re: Timezone on ccgi

Quote from: driveconsultants
Is this something that ought to be changed?

Relying on the system setting for timezone is generally deprecated these days. Hostopia probably use a generic set-up for their servers anyway and since the server is not in the UK it is a moot point which EU country TZ should be set.
Leaving it to the individual is my preference.