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The use of 'Username'

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The use of 'Username'

I don’t know quite where to post this so feel free to move it if required.
Yesterday I tried to upload a trial web site to my ‘Free’ web space and came across a minor but annoying ‘glitch’. It concerns the use of the ‘Username’ in instructions.
For instance, when we use ‘Username’ in the instructions for setting up a router we mean ‘’ but when we use it in the context of logging in to Webmail or the ftp server or your mail account it actually means just ‘username’ not the ‘@’ sign and the rest thereafter.
This caused me a bit of confusion when I tried to access the ftp server and followed the instructions on the Help & Support page for ‘Uploading Files Using FTP’. I used the full Username not the short version and all I got was error messages.
So I wonder if it might not be better to use ‘Username’ in the router context and ‘Login Name’ for use when talking about Webmail, account settings etc. With a possible hint to which each refers too at the top of the page(s). Not a great deal in the general scheme of things but just a suggestion.
What do others think?
Regards, P.
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Re: The use of 'Username'

In general any reference to username means just the username.
In the case of router settings it is more correct to refer to it as username@realm as the realm part may not be as you would expect from your e-mail address / webspace, but