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The changes - (?) - do now or wait?

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The changes - (?) - do now or wait?

Hi - I'm a new customer, so know... nothing... about PN's set-up. I'm trying to glean it from all the info here and in the Members Centre help et., etc.., a bit of surfit of info, overwhelming...

  • I've gathered the web space that comes with the broad band package is going to change. True/false?

  • If true - should I wait until it's all changed over?

  • What is the date for the change? ... yeah, I know, I'd have thought I'd have found that info too, odd is all I can say, staring me in the face no doubt, like one brocolli plant in a field of a thousand cabbages - the information age nightmare.

  • I've switched on my cgi and sql but not populated anything yet. Should I stick something in it, so when the 'change' occurs my little bit will be included... and then I can motor on?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: The changes - (?) - do now or wait?

Hi There,
I would say you should start on the new platform now. At some point next year the old CGI service will be turned off and you'll need to migrate you're stuff unnecessarily. We don't have a date planned for this yet as we have a lot of work to do to get us to that stage.
Hope that answers your questions,