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Termination of Broadband

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Termination of Broadband

Looks like the fraudsters are doing the rounds again, did 1471 had a spam call on my land line from this number 01246222497 about termination of my broadband, wanting me to press this and that number to get through to BT, so just a heads up, put the hand set down when you hear this spam call ignore it and move on with your life, not sure what to do with this number or where i can report it any ideas?

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Re: Termination of Broadband

Quite common to get these calls, little point in reporting it as it seems no one is in a position to do anything about it, they sometimes change the number so even if you have some sort of call blocker they still get through on a different number and some of  these call blockers cannot stop international calls.

We have no need of any international calls so even if you ask PN to block all international calls incoming or outgoing they cannot do it.

Best advice is to ignore such calls and over time they get less frequent.

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