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Talk Talk UFO to Plusnet Broadband

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Talk Talk UFO to Plusnet Broadband

I'm thinking of making the move from the pricy Talk Talk UFO to Plusnet.  Does anyone have any experience of this?  just wondering if the speed differences are huge and if I'll need a new BT phone socket (I have a phone socket that is in use).  Any advice appreciated.  TIA  

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Re: Talk Talk UFO to Plusnet Broadband

@Suzanne   Welcome to the forum.

I assume that Talk Talk UFO is their full fibre product?  Depending how much you pay this can be much faster than Plusnet can currently offer. To see what you can get put your phone number in here and see what the VDSL range is.
If you haven’t got a registered phone number then select the address option.

If the socket that you have is used for a landline phone then in all probability it can be used.

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