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Suspend BT Sport

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Re: Suspend BT Sport


It's PaulH54 that posted the comment.

My point is that I completed the form and submitted but I'm still charged for BT Sport.



Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Suspend BT Sport

Hi Paul, sorry to see this. I've just checked your account and no cancellation requests have been recorded so I don't think that reached us. Could you complete the form again before replying back to this post please? 

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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Suspend BT Sport

@PaulH54 wrote:

Hi Dvorak

Last month I completed that form and submitted it but am still being charged for BT sport on my May bill

Can you fix that please?

I’m just a customer like you, I just help out around the forums.

You’ll need a staff member to sort it out for you.

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Re: Suspend BT Sport

I have had an email from Plusnet advising that Bt sport was recommencing on 17th June and I will now be billed from that date. I have tried to watch on my sky box as before the suspension but am advised that I am not subscribed to this service. I have managed to get through to customer support today(!!!!) and have been advised that although I had requested the service to be suspended it was in fact cancelled and they have no record of the email being sent. So I am now expecting to be billed next month..not receive the service and waste another hour waiting to get through to get a refund


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Re: Suspend BT Sport

Yes, I'm the same. I am waiting until the 4th July when my next bill appears to see what's what. I am hoping that it was cancelled as I had managed to get this done before they brought in the suspension system even though I invoked that as well and hence got the email. If I charged then.....................................?

If I am not I am happy to leave it as it is until Champions League comes back. I shall not miss a few Premier League matches.