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Support ticket 75171029 rubbish service

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Support ticket 75171029 rubbish service

I had an email today about my website account name cgrey 75171029  saying it was infected. We have had this before all the files on there are written by myself and are test files to run diagnostics for as we are one of the worlds biggest forums and have our own malware/virus removal team these files are often check daily.
What is total rubbish is the email didnt say what files were effected but they said they would all be locked that was at 10am I raised a ticket and as this means our help forum cant function as people cant download the files I rang to get it sorted and after 30 mins on the phone to get through I was told the team that deal with this dont speak to anyone on the phone. This is the company that states on TV how good customer services is. Who thought it was a good idea for the support team not to speak to anyone.
There is still no reply to the tick at 11:55pm if they checked they would see that this has happened before and everything is clean
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Re: Support ticket 75171029 rubbish service

Should now be sorted. We've received reports about 2 exe files were suspicious so for security we took the actions we did.
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