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Static IP (Unlimited Fibre Extra) – is it available?

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Static IP (Unlimited Fibre Extra) – is it available?


I need to add a static IP to my Unlimited Fibre Extra account which I assume is possible. The below link doesn't explicitly list the package by its exact name, so is it even possible for this package? Note that I cannot see any reference to a static IP from within the member's area (from memory, I recall that I could at one point). I did attempt to add it to my account at the start of the contract although I don't believe it was actioned and looking at my bills, I don't see an additional charge for the one-off £5.

Once enabled, I'd also like to modify the rDNS to remove personal details similar to this request

Could someone please point me in the direction of where (if at all) I can find out if I do have a static IP enabled (without powering off the modem for an hour)? And if I don't, how I can request the add-on if I can't see it in the member's area (Unlimited Fibre Extra)?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Static IP (Unlimited Fibre Extra) – is it available?

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Re: Static IP (Unlimited Fibre Extra) – is it available?

@followjohn   Welcome to the forum 

You can add a static IP address to your account. From memory you log into your account and go to AddOns.

Once a static address has been allocated all that you have to do is reboot the hub and it immediately picks up the new address.

To get the rDNS changed you will either have to ring in or hope that a Plusnet staffer picks up the request on this forum.

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Re: Static IP (Unlimited Fibre Extra) – is it available?

Thanks for your post @followjohn and welcome to our Community Forums.

I've looked into this and I can see you already have a static IP. We'd automatically add on a static IP at no cost if you turn on our broadband firewall, our Pro Addon or go into failed payment (due to the way these services work in our network)

If you'd want to keep a static IP permanently, you should be able to buy one for £5 through the Add-Ons page Here

We can remove your username from the rDNS by setting it to the, let us know if you buy a static IP and we'll be happy to arrange this. Alternatively if you'd want to keep the temporary assigned static, we can change the rDNS still. Let us know though how you'd want to go ahead.

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