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Slow webpages with iPhone safari fixed

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Slow webpages with iPhone safari fixed

Hi, I just wanted to share my findings on an issue ive been unable to solve till now on my iPhone with Plus net broadband. The issue I was facing was slow and non loading of some web pages with Safari browser. The page would half load and then just stop and maybe 30 seconds later finished load. Things I’d tried including changing my router ect ect. The best Result was this seemed to fix the issue for a week or two, then the problem would return and the non loading of web pages would be back.

But I now think I’ve found a permanent fix and it seems to be down to the standard Plusnet dns code that the phone picks up when it logs onto the routers Wi-Fi signal. If I removed the plusnet dns settings in configure dns on the iPhone and add a dns such as1.1.1.1 the problem with slow web pages disappeared. (You can Google dns servers and find out more information there.)
As a test I removed and re added the old plus net dns code and sure enough the slow web page loading returns. I then added back and it was fixed again.
The problem seems to just be Safari, as Chrome seems to work well on both dns codes.
If you have an iPhone and are having an issue like mine, it maybe worth a try and swap out the dns code.
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Re: Slow webpages with iPhone safari fixed

Which PN NS servers were you referencing - the standard ones or the safeguarding ones?

You'd need to look at the settings in the router.


Note that if you are using the Plusnet safeguarding services, hacking alternative DNS settings into your device, as described, bypasses that protection.

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