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Skype hangs up

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Skype hangs up

Since last week skype hangs up on calling out or in after about 10 seconds. Echo contact does the same. Nothing is heard at either end (previously skype worked well).

Tuesday I contacted support chat. I was told he changed a setting, I should reboot my router after 4 hours and it should be ok.

4 hours later, reboot - no change. tried again 24 hours later - no change.

This occurs with skype desktop and UWP on all my machines, and on my windows mobile 10 phone if connected to wifi not 3G.

I have been on fibre for a bit over a year and use the router supplied at that time by PlusNet, connected by Ethernet to my firewall.

Speeds at 14M down and 1.1M up.

I NEED this skype link to talk to my customers!

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Re: Skype hangs up

I will have a look at this for you and get back to you. I will Skype a few people first to see what my results are first though. Cool_smiley

I have Skype (Pro or Business or sumthing) and have had for many years. I never use it though. I think I got it given to me when I worked at Microsoft or something. Can't remember to be honest. I'm actually quite surprised they keep it going. It's been quite some time since I used it. Tongue

Here's hoping it still works.Angel