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Sky Go

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Sky Go

Hi all, Im having issues watching some programmes on the sky go app. The message that pops up says " not available in your territory". I did a quick web search and found the below statement. Is this true?

"Seems like your IP range is not set up in Skys allowable IPs, you'll need to either get your ISP to inform Sky or try getting Sky to change this yourself, personally I'd try your ISP first.

This can happen when an ISP has purchased a range of IP addresses from a foreign source and have not been re-flagged as UK addresses."
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Re: Sky Go

Personally i think it's something on Sky's end. I haven't had any issues like that at all, perhaps call sky and bring it up with them? It may be something as simple as them resetting your Sky Go account on their end.

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Re: Sky Go

... or the result of your being allocated an IP address in the range through 16 whose geolocation AND owner-location should be correct but the latter may not be and could be confusing Sky Go.

Check by Googling what's my ip 

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Re: Sky Go


I've had a look at all your IP ranges and can see you have always been given an IP address registered via RIPE and are correctly located via WHOIS and various GEO searches within the UK. As @decomplexity suggested, next time you see the message, open a new tab in your browser and check by Googling what's my ip, then provide the details to Sky who should be able to advise.