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Site removed

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Site removed

I wanted to access my webspace early last month but was met with the "Site removed!" message. This surprised me as I hadn't used the webspace since returning to PN in November last year and no-one else knows the site exists.
I raised a ticket (#64098053) and got a response saying that the webspace has been restored although a previous internal reply stated:
There are files in the customer's space, though they don't appear to have their own index.html file so the archived message isn't being removed.

But I assumed this had been resolved.
Today I tried to access the website once more but am still getting the "Site removed!" message. I have even tried to access the webstats but my username/password combination is not being accepted even though I know I am entering them correctly.
Could someone please look into this for me.
Edit: I have opened a new ticket (#65822601) for this as the previous one had been closed.

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