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Scam Call

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Scam Call

Wife just took a call by an automated machine saying we had "misused" out internet and we'd be cut off.

Presumably if you pressed [1] to proceed you'd be taken through to an operator who would relieve you of some money to make the "problem" go away.

I dont know if they're targeting PN users or if its just random.


Stay aware everyone.

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Re: Scam Call

Totally random - they use auto-diallers to make many calls in succession, and some people will pick up - and hopefully put down again quickly.

I get the very odd one these days, but the displayed number is usually an obvious fake, or usually using an obscure exchange. My policy is, if I am not expecting a call, or it is an 'unknown', to let it go to voicemail - if it is important they will leave a message, if it is an auto-dialler they usually disconnect at this point.

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Re: Scam Call

Just random, report it to ico as an automated call and if you know the number and have call protect block the number.

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Re: Scam Call


Hi @UncleZen,


That was indeed a scam call that has been reported to us by other customers.

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