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SafeNet causes Chrome to stop working

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SafeNet causes Chrome to stop working

So I've recently switched from Open DNS which was flawless to 'SafeGuard' which is...not as good. I have a strange and particular issue. Whenever SafeGaurd is on, it prevents Chrome on my work desktop connecting to any sites at all, displaying the message 'This site can't be reached.' If I use Edge or anything else, everything works fine. It is only the Chrome browser which is affected. I have 'reset' Chrome but this does not help. Plusnet phone support could only advise me to turn it of and on again.

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Re: SafeNet causes Chrome to stop working

Thanks for the post back @Tim_c

Ah this is really odd. When you have Safeguard on, have you tried turning off all categories and see if Chrome works then?

Also are you able to try a different device other than your work desktop?

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