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SafeGuard isn't working

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SafeGuard isn't working



I've blocked certain categories (eg: porn) using SafeGuard, but just testing it I can still get through to, for example, Pornhub. I've checked my primary and secondary DNS, per other posts, and they're below:


Primary DNS:  

Secondary DNS:


Any reason SafeGuard shouldn't be working as it ought to? I've restarted the router and this hasn't fixed the issue.


Also, why does it appear that the use of third-party services like opendns or dyndns has been blocked? Hate to say it, but they do a much better job of blocking specific categories of site than Safeguard seems to.

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Re: SafeGuard isn't working

Hi Nick,

A warm welcome to the forums.  As one user to another, sorry that this topic has not been picked up sooner.  However, the question does fit with something we as super users are gathering information on.

Do you by any chance have a fixed IP address?

Is this a business account?

Are you on a 20CN (ADSL1) service?

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Re: SafeGuard isn't working

Sorry to hear you're having problems with Safeguard.

Are you using the router we sent you or your own router?

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