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Just had a visit from a virgin fibre rep, looked at their reviews, terrible, then looked at the reviews for bt, talk talk and plusnet, all terrible, must be only moaners who post reviews or are all companies as bad? 

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Re: Reviews

It's the nature of these 'reviews', @Chrisvesey. As can be seen just on this forum, people only (usually) post to moan. As I have said more than once on here, why would you bother to keep saying every things rosy? It just doesn't happen.Smiley - although I personally always try and confirm when a problem is solved.

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Re: Reviews

I often see people say that but it isn't true in general. Look at say Tripadvisor, or Feefo, or even Screwfix or Amazon and you will see a whole range of reviews, usually biased towards the positive. The reason for the negative reviews for broadband (and phone) providers is that their approach to complaints and problems is universally abysmal, and their Customer Service is universally underfunded.

 Remember that it s 'reviews' that is being discussed here, not this forum where as you correctly say it's mostly people with a problem who post.

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Re: Reviews

There is plenty to complain about in Plusnet and similar budget ISPs. However there is also the Openreach factor, where Plusnet also get a load of flak because Openreach and/or their contractors are not performing. Because both are owned by BT plc my guess is that corporate rules dictate that Plusnet have to take it all because they are not allowed to point the finger of blame at what they like to call 'our supplier'. 

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