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Remote access to devices on home network

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Remote access to devices on home network

I am quite inexperienced with networking, having read up on the subject through various help pages and forums I am still unable to resolve the following problem:
I have a Thompson TG585v7 router on Plusnet broadband service with a dynamic IP address. This seems to be working correctly for accessing the internet as a client.
I have 2 devices with private IP addresses on my local network, which I would like to be able to access from outside my local network – i.e. from the internet:
An unbranded H.264 Security camera digital video recorder (DVR) which is connected to the router with ethernet cable. This device serves an html webpage which I have tested and can be accessed by browsing to it’s IP address on the local network. It also supports FTP, SNTP, SMTP, and DDNS although these are not operating at the moment.
An Iomega Screenplay Director media player, which also has network attached storage capability. I have also attached this device to my router with Ethernet cable, and I’m also able to connect to this device on the local network, and I have configured it as a mapped network drive, and also tested that it works on the local network.
Other devices use the wireless network including 2 Windows PCs and a Nokia 5800 mobile phone.
Because the Plus Net IP address I use is dynamic, I have setup an account with dyndns and put the settings into the router. I have also attempted to set port forwarding rules in the router.
From within the local network, the Dyndns host name accesses my router administration page, which from what I have read indicates either my port forwarding attempt is not correct, or a loopback problem.  Pinging the dyndns host name or the IP it points to is successful.
From outside my local network, trying to access the dyndns hostname or the IP that it is currently assigned to returns the error message Internet explorer cannot display the webpage.  Pinging either results in request time out and 100% loss of packet data.
I cannot see any information in the router settings which indicate its public IP address. I’m concerned that my router is “hidden” behind another router which has the public IP address. Please advise?
If you can advise of ports to use or ports to avoid in setting up port forwarding, or where I can find this information in a form suitable for novices, I would appreciate it?
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Re: Remote access to devices on home network

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