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Recycle old John Lewis router/modem

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Recycle old John Lewis router/modem

When my Mum switched from John Lewis to Plusnet broadband she was issued with a new router/modem. John Lewis never asked for the old one back! Can I return it? It is still in original packaging. 

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Re: Recycle old John Lewis router/modem

@DCH  Welcome to the forum.

Which make and model is it? Chances are that it’s a better hub than Plusnet’s offering and can be used on your Plusnet service with minor tweaks to the settings.

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Re: Recycle old John Lewis router/modem

Yes, you can return it. Details at

From there you can print a pre-paid label and have your postie pick it up from your address.

Alternatively, you can take a QR code and the packaged router to your local post office and they'll do the leg work.

As @Baldrick1 says, you might want to consider re-configuring it to work with the Plusnet service. Depends on the models we're talking about.

Edit: just to be clear, it doesn't matter that you're returning a John Lewis device, you can still use the Plusnet returns process.

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Re: Recycle old John Lewis router/modem

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