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Recently left PlusNet, returning equipment

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Recently left PlusNet, returning equipment

I've just received an email from PN regarding my router and returning it to PN.  The email indicates a ticket number for an open question on my (ex) account which is now closed I can’t find any way to respond to this ticket other than by phone, which usually incurs a long wait and charges!  I simply need to advise that both my Hub One and Hub Two have been returned in the last month or so, by the downloaded, free label back to PN distribution centre. 
Both routers were perfectly serviceable but I would guess the Hub One would be scrapped. The Hub Two was almost new, but never used because I got better line speed with a NetGear DM200.

 The BT Super Hub I'm currently using is the full-featured Hub Two, which seems to behave very well on FTTP. I migrated to BT on the advice of PlusNet in order to retain my landline number. That worked but it certainly isn’t the cheapest deal available. Since BT are moving folks to the EE brand, that might help with costs. Really sorry to leave PlusNet but that seemed the best on offer at the time, especially with uncertainty on the landline. However, didn’t someone say “ The only certainties in life are Death and Taxes “ ?  Best regards to all. 

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Re: Recently left PlusNet, returning equipment

@JRT, you can just ignore said email