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Putting the whole site on the ccgi server

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Putting the whole site on the ccgi server

Wondered about the merits of this, how hard is it to point the whole domain (not just ccgi) to the new ccgi server so the whole site is one entity, it ought to be easier to administer that way?
Any downsides?
What settings would I need as currently my domain has "ccgi" pointed to it, but the "www" and short forms still point to regular webspace. The instructions for redirecting to ccgi appear to cover the OLD platform.
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Re: Putting the whole site on the ccgi server

The instructions for pointing CGI to the new platform are the same as the old. The only differences are the IP you need to point the A record to and the fact that we'll need to add the domain to your CGI hosting account. Best bet is probably to raise a ticket and we'll do it for you.

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