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Probably should be obvious but ...

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Probably should be obvious but ...

I got my sql etc working through phpmyadmin and can log in and see the 'test' table
Can't figure out what to put in the host field of Joomla install ... or maybe I got the host right and the rest wrong
From email
MySQL Host: humbug
Username: cedarhay
Password: blah
DB Name: cedarhay_pn
I tried every combination of things I could think of but couldn't get any further
The fields asked for are
Database type: mysql
Host name: humbug? something else
username: cedarhay
password: blah
database name: cedarhay_pn
I'm missing something, but don't get what it is.
Before prompted ( :)) I did follow through - but it didn't help on this
thanks in an-tic-i-pppppation (borrowed from RHPS)
ps - same quandry from mysqladmin
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Re: Probably should be obvious but ...

In joomla it should be just humbug
To access the database from your local PC using mySQL Administrator you use
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