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Powerline adapter speed issue

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Powerline adapter speed issue

Hi All

Had FTTP installed yesterday and a speed test with mobile in the same room as router shows down speed of 147Mbps which is as expected. The PC meanwhile is in another room with a wired connection via Devolo powerline adapters. The one connected to the router is a 3 port "dLAN 500 AVtriple+" and the other at the pc end is a "dLAN 500AVplus". Link speed between the two, as displayed by the Devolo software, is showing as 173Mbps from the triple to the single and 152Mbps the other way.

I appreciate there can be a lot of factors which could affect the speed of powerline adapters and their rated speed of "500" is only theoretical but what Im at a loss to understand is why, given the link speed figures shown of well over 150Mbps, a speed test on the pc shows a download of a mere 40Mbps. I have plugged my laptop in to the same port with a different cable and that also only has a download speed of 40Mbps.

Any suggestions?



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Re: Powerline adapter speed issue

@Jovin123  Just scrap the powerline adapters. they are not up to the job. The link speed bears no relation to the actual throughput speed. Your so called wired connection via powerline adapters is nothing of the sort, the only true wired connection is by using ethernet cable.

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Re: Powerline adapter speed issue


This is old but compare the Devolo Cockpit reported speed and the actual speedtest results. This was on 80/20 FTTC.

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