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Potentially joining PlusNet

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Potentially joining PlusNet

Hi all, hope you are well?

I have been with Virgin Media for around 10 years for my broadband with a year break around 2015 where I had broadband via the copper telephone cable. Long story short I have no intention of staying with Virgin due to their poor customer service. My current deal ends in November but with the price increase I am able to leave early and have received my email from Virgin this morning. 

Having done a bit of research I don't believe I can get broadband via the copper cable in my area any more and my only other option is to have fibre to the property installed via Openreach. It does mean some drilling and cables around the outside of the property which is what has put me off switching, however I don't think I can avoid it much longer. 

Anyway, my first question is if I were to join today would I still be liable for the 31st March price increase?

Also, what can I expect from the installation, for example my current telephone line is in a cupboard in the middle of the property (and I believe the cable must be hidden in the walls somewhere), so will Openreach take the easy route and insist I have their box on the other side of the external wall (where there is already ducting and a rope installed) or is there some flexibility on placement (e.g. they will run a small amount of cabling inside the property)?


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Re: Potentially joining PlusNet


You can use the Address version of the following to check on OR availability. Below the results window will be a line about Fibre Priority Exchange Yes/No. If yes, you can only get FTTP


Alternative see what PlusNet offers for your address.


There will be a box on the outside wall. After that there is a bit of flexability on the entry point and where the internal ONT goes. It must be near a power source. You would only know for certain when the Engineer turns up on the day. It's the art of what's desirable against what's feasible.





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Re: Potentially joining PlusNet

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Re: Potentially joining PlusNet

To answer your question about the price rise, yes it will go up after the first month. I just asked Customer Services the same question.

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Re: Potentially joining PlusNet

Hey there @cad211 so if you were to join today it would still increase on 31st. If I was you, I would join after just so that there's no surprises.


I think @bmc has answered the other question perfectly, I don't really have anything to add to that one.

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