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Pointing my domain at hosting

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Pointing my domain at hosting

I have a domain, hosted elsewhere, which I'd like to point at my web hosting. I assume I can't just set the cname records to a web hosting IP as the virtual hosting would need to know which site to point it at.
So... where can I setup the side of the configuration to link my domain name to my hosting space? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Pointing my domain at hosting

You just need to follow the instructions for 'Hosting Only" transfers:-
Ask your domain provider to change the name servers of the domain you want to transfer to:
This process usually takes between 12-24 hours.
When the name servers have updated (you can check this using Whois), use the following Help Assistant path to raise a hosting request:
Technical Support > Domains & DNS > Transfer a Domain In > Hosting Only (any domain)
Your domain will be up and running 8-12 hours after your request is processed.