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Plusnet router wireless speeds

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Plusnet router wireless speeds

I have the hub 1 and I am not here to bash it as I genuinely like the interface. It is easy to use, set up and get all your stats and stuff, however....


My sync has happily been over 55meg since joining (more than on any other provider) and my internet hasn't really been an issue. the 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands were separated and I didn't really pay too much attention. My old laptop I have been using (new one broke, but that's another story Ticked_off ) only supports the 2.4ghz spectrum and TBB wireless speedtests were showing only 20 meg speeds when connecting wirelessly (no overlapping channels according to Inssider), wired tests were giving 53- 54 meg. 5ghz tests on my phone gave the full speed too.

I have seen a lot about the wifi performance of the hub, so did some more checking and got an old router out of the cupboard. I connected the old router up and did some TBB tests. Full speed on the 2.4ghz spectrum on the same old laptop that was giving sub standard speeds with the PN router.

The moral of the story? I like the PN router a lot, but if you have appliances/ gadgets that mainly utilise the 2.4ghz spectrum, you may be experiencing slower than optimal speeds because of the PN router. My suggestion would be to always connect the PN router to the 5ghz network if your device is capable, or consider purchasing a different router if you have to rely on the 2.4ghz.

Of course, my experience won't be the same as everyone elses, just something to consider if you are experiencing wifi slowdown.


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Re: Plusnet router wireless speeds

One thing to consider if limiting devices to only use the 5ghz band is that the effective range is less than for 2.4ghz

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Re: Plusnet router wireless speeds

Speeds are also restricted by the WiFi interface, you need to take into account 802.11 wireless standards. If your connection is 802.11b then the maximum speed would be 11Mbs.