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Plusnet pure card activation

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Registered: ‎30-10-2020

Plusnet pure card activation

From a quick google I can see I am not the first to raise this problem.

So, I visit as it is quickly established there isn't such a thing as website as stated on the back of the card

I go through the tedious and unnecessary provision of details to create an account then attempt to activate the card

I receive the almost expected "failed to activate" message and an instruction to call a number for which I will be charged!

I try again, starting with logging on with my freshly created user details but those user details are not recognised.

That's 40 minutes completely wasted including the time to register with the plusnet community and create an account here.

Lifes too short for this level of abysmal service, I wont waste another minute of time on it

If anyone wants to activate 212802899 fill your boots

If plusnet want to activate it and let me know when they have sorted the [-Censored-] out with purecard - give me a bell