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Plusnet hosted domain security

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Plusnet hosted domain security

From time to time in one or other of my PlusNet hosted domains, I note from the web logs, that some IP address has been looking for Wordpress admin files, other odd files that might run scripts or let that user into the domain to wreak havok.
Sometimes I also get hundreds of rapid-fire requests for pages which looks awfully like an attempted DDOS attack.
Many of these addresses are on known abuse lists, and many are Russian, or from countries or zones which are wellknown for being a little umnhealthy.

When that happens in the domains which I host on my own web server in my office, I can easily ban suspicious IPs from the server or from the domain. I want to be able to do that on my PlusNet domains, or I'd like to pass on suspicious IPs and have one of you  chaps do that for me.

How do I do that, please ...