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Plusnet daily limits on webspace bandwidth

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Plusnet daily limits on webspace bandwidth

Anyone got any idea what this is on a "normal" package.
The reason I ask is that I got an email in the middle of the night stating:
"t has come to our attention that in the last 24 hours your website
has exceeded its bandwidth allowance by a significant amount.
Unfortunately, because of the amount over the limit, your site has
been archived.  Please contact us through the website if you want
your site to be restored. - we cannot do this by email or over the
Your website used 131037 KB OVER its bandwidth transfer
allowance during the last 24 hours."
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Re: Plusnet daily limits on webspace bandwidth

Is your package listed here -  ?
I guess that if you have upgraded from an older package that had webspace to a current package that doesn't, then you would have to look at the above table for the transfer allowance of original package you were on.