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Plusnet Safeguard

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Plusnet Safeguard

Is anyone having problems with this Plusnet Safeguard even when you unblock every block on the list..Save...Restart Router and wait 2 hours that you are still blocked from some sites even on Facebook and my Partner from a lingerie site..Its an affront when at 67 years old you are being dictated to by plusnet what you can and cannot watch..I have complained about this but it fell on deaf ears like a complaint from me before...Time for me when my contract is up to move provider..Used to like Plusnet but not when they dictate to me what iam allowed to watch on my own computer and Iam talking about legal sites. 




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Re: Plusnet Safeguard

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Re: Plusnet Safeguard

@frankdouglas  If you don`t need it... ( and from what I read in your don`t need "parental control" ! ! ! ) .. you can switch it off here...

scroll down to the relevant line... then you have to "log in" to your account... the "switch" is in the top line of the page...


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Re: Plusnet Safeguard

Hi @frankdouglas, I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing problems when disabling Safeguard in that it's continuing to block websites.


I'm sorry to say that safeguard isn't something support staff have any control over. We are however aware of intermittent problems related to Safeguard and we're working to fix these however I'm afraid I don't have an expected resolution date.


I do sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this has been causing and have made sure that your account has been logged on the problem log regarding Safeguard (IMT-2205)

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 Harry Beesley
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Re: Plusnet Safeguard

Why would you ask Plusnet to censor your communications?


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