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PlusNet DNS Configuration Limitations

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PlusNet DNS Configuration Limitations

Excuse dragging up an old longstanding issue with PlusNet - but this needs to be resolved...

With many Business clients using Office 365 and Hosted Exchange, to properly complete the configuration, it is neccessary to create a number of TXT records for each domain.

In addition, txt records are needed to add DKIM and DMARC security to email configurations, providing a great improvement to email security as well as a reduction in spamming and fraud emails.

PlusNet continue after 20 years to not allow these records to be created in the control panel.


Moving domains to another registrar just to add these records is a waste of everyone's time and an additional cost.



Come on PlusNet - Please explain why this is still the case!

Do you not like to be on the same page as other providers? - Does Yorkshire not yet understand modern email security and it's simple DNS requirements?

This site show's the reputation issues with PlusNet originated emails via Office 365 very well - as well as a host of other tests for outbound email - no connection to me, but VERY useful!

FYI, using the correct SPF, DMARC and DKIM records via 1and1's DNS with Office 365, I score 10 out of 10...


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Re: PlusNet DNS Configuration Limitations

I'm with a Yorkshire ISP, and scored 9 out of 10 using that checker, on my pop3 e mail; however no longer with PN;
others have long complained about PN never upgrading e mail security.(SSL/TLS)