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Piggyback payback

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Piggyback payback

Hi, last summer I had someone help me out with gardening (paid) and when he came into the house for lunch he simply took the password key from the back if the router. I made a comment about it and he just laughed. I was concerned but thought he was a decent guy. Months later some bloke is standing under my window for a couple of days for about 40 minutes at a time. I switched off the WiFi and he went away. 

I rang Plusnet to help me change my password and they could see him connected. He ran off when I shouted through the window that the password was changed. 

If I wanted to get evidence of his piggybacking and any others that were doing the same but not as stupid as to stand where I could see them, how would I do this? 

You will have to explain like I'm an idiot! But I would really appreciate any help. I have been into to home network bit but it doesn't seem to keep historic records although the help section seems to imply it does. 


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Re: Piggyback payback

What router is it you have? I'm not sure any keep any history after a reboot of the router anyway. Out of interest what are you intending to do with any evidence that you could collect?

Regardless of any evidence you can get, I'd recommend to anyone to change the SSID and password of any routers away from the defaults as soon as they start using the router.

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Re: Piggyback payback

Hi I have a plusnet hub one wireless ssid. The personwho was janding out my password is an employee of the place I live and I wanted evidence in case I decide to report this. They should warn volunteers against piggybacking off tenants wifi without permission.
I have now learned my lesson and will be on my guard for anyone hanging around for 40 minutes at a time. I do seem to have some issues with my tablet and my amazon account since this incident. Not sure if its connected.
Thanks for your advice.
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Re: Piggyback payback

Hi @Tuesday,

Thank you for getting in touch.

You can change the wireless SSID and password by following the instructions below.

1) To connect to your Hub One, you will need to open a browser and go to

2) You should come to a page with information about your connection, click 'Advanced Settings' at the top and it will ask you to sign in with a Password. This is located on the back of your router under 'Admin Password'.

3) Select the option for 'Wireless' then change the 'Wireless SSID' and the 'Wireless key (WPA2)' to be different.

4) Click 'Apply'.

5) Repeat the above in the 5 GHz Wireless section.

Under advance settings and home network, this will show you a list of devices currently connected to the network but I'm afraid the default lease time on these devices is 24 hours therefore, they will be removed after this time.

Thanks again.

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