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Paying for 'full' PAYH accounts

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Paying for 'full' PAYH accounts

Yesterday I signed up for a full (not preview) PAYH account to set something up for a colleague who gets broadband from someone else other than PN. 
Distantly remembering PN's warnings about being unable to change the account name on a normal PN account ("so get it right first time!"), we deliberated at length about the name to be given to the full PAYH account.
The account was then successfully set up, credit paid, and a domain assigned.
So far so good.
But ah......... I now see some further detail on the 'payments' page about the process to switch from credit card (which is fine for me for the one-to-two months setup period) to direct debit (which is how my colleague will pay). Which appears basically to be:
- scrap the account you have just set up
- subscribe to a free PN account
- when setting up payment details for this account, click on "PAYH only"
- then set up credit card and direct debit mandate in the usual PN way

But this caveat is only (apparenlty) displayed when I have already signed up in the normal way to a full PAYH account  -  which is a bit late..
However, a nastier gotcha:  I presume that since I already have an account with the long deliberated account name already assigned, I cannot now use this name for the free PN account (which I assume is carried through to the full PAYH account name)!
Someone please tell me I am mistaken!
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Re: Paying for 'full' PAYH accounts

I agree it needs improving -
we set up a PAYH account 5 months ago and a director of the charity paid a credit into the account on a CC, but just last Friday we changed it over to a DD, but had to set up a "free dialup" PN account to do it.
Let's hope it worked - !
Hopefully PAYH will be fully integrated into the PN systems sometime soon.