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Parental filter issue still not resolved

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Parental filter issue still not resolved

So it's been a good couple of months now since I raised the issue with support that content filtering wasn't working on my account. I don't have an unusual setup and use the Hub One that's provided but all I ever see is the ticket being put on hold, then reactivated, then put on hold again. What on Earth is going on? How come it's such a tricky thing to resolve and why is there absolutely zero communication from tech support?

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Re: Parental filter issue still not resolved

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Re: Parental filter issue still not resolved

Hi @BC1973

I am sorry for the time it is taking to get this issue resolved. There are a handful of customers affected by this issue. I have checked the raised incident and I'm afraid it is still being investigated with no fix yet to be rolled out. The ticket on your account will remain open and monitored until a fix has been rolled out so we can notify you.


Thank you for your continued patience.

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