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PAYH or somewhere else?

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PAYH or somewhere else?

I finally had chance to play with my CCGI space but realise it as only got a very limited shelf life so I started to wonder about other options. Due to other commitments I never got chance to take part in the PAYH trial so now I am considering the various pay for hosting options. The one thing I am confused about is how PAYH compares with other providers? The obvious difference seems to be that PAYH includes email support in the price whilst others seem to offer it as extra. Your thoughts are most welcome.
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Re: PAYH or somewhere else?

Other webhosts I have used do both webhosting and email support for the domain.
I've only limited experience and I'm sure others will offer better advice - but apart from PAYH - you have the big companies like 1and1 , 123, etc etc who apart from webhosting offer - email support, forwarding etc etc. as an inclusive package.
I'd like to think that PN would really attack this market, but they seem to playing a waiting game - and although their tech support guys have been very very helpful with a site I have with them - ( ta Kev. ) but there seems no real commercial hunger to attack the market place. Or have I missed something ?.