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[PAYH] Usage allowance not enough

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[PAYH] Usage allowance not enough

I joined the free trial at PAYH and moved my site from the CGI server at PN and onto the PAYH platform.
Due to the fact that my site has attracted more visitors and will soon attract even more, I'm exceeding my usage Sad
I'm getting emails from PAYH like this
You are currently using 43.42 M of filespace with 1.58 G of data transfer. The limits for your account on this domain are as follows:
250.00 M of filespace.
1.50 G of data transfer.

I've got bags of filespace but the data transfer allowance is not enough. A PAYH support agent suggested that i could move things like images to somewhere else so as not to have them requested from my PAYH server.
I don't understand enough about data transfer and hosting to know how the different parts of my site affect these things. My site has a photo gallery, Forum and an interactive user-submit section for results from games.
The obvious answer is upgrade to £4.59 per month to give me 2GB of data transfer but that is expensive for half a gig since I'm already getting 1.5 now and even then it might not be enough.
My questions are these:
Will the PN servers continue to exist so that i can host all my images on there? (The servers that originally hosted my site)
Will hosting my images on there reduce my traffic enough?
What else can I do to reduce traffic?
Would anyone suggest using a different host? If so, who?
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Re: [PAYH] Usage allowance not enough

Well UK2 will give you 100GB/month for 3.95
I've not read the small print (so don't know if there are hidden costs), and not used them for hosting. I did have a couple of domains from them a few years ago, and that was no problem;