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[PAYH] Server setup - SQLITE missing?

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Registered: ‎26-04-2008

[PAYH] Server setup - SQLITE missing?

Dear PlusNet PAYH trial support folks,
The web site I was rather hoping to host on your new trial server (now that PHP is an Apache module - yipee!) - uses SQLITE, and call me naive  but I hadn't even thought such a well used and low-resource-cost feature as SQLITE wouldn't be available for us to use.

My question is therefore: pretty please with a cherry on top - can we please have an SQLITE module added to Apache, please?
(Either v2 or v3 of SQLITE would be grand)
FWIW, my reason for preferring SQLITE is latency of response.
Even a process running on the same server as Apache is slower than an embedded SQLITE request from Apache itself, and nearly all larger platforms use separate MySQL servers, which add another latency cost to requests.
To be fair, it's not a deal breaker - I just won't be using PAYH for what I had intended, (and wouldn't have ported a domain here), is all.

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Re: [PAYH] Server setup - SQLITE missing?

I was just going to make a post requesting PDO driver for sqlite3. It's highly portable and useful for temporary or small databases.