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PAYH Platform questions

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PAYH Platform questions

Hi, is there any information about the PAYH platform and any plans to upgrade it ?
I have this Plesk account since the original trial and, as I have a need to host a small personal site I thought I'd take another look at it since ccgi has no ssh access now.
I can see that it is ancient: it's running Debian 4.0 Etch which has been unsupported since Feb 2010. The Plesk version is 8.6 and the current version is 10. In short, it's all very old and dusty.
Yet it's still being actively sold at
So is the "for sale" version better/more up to date than the one that triallists were given ?
Are there any plans to update it the Debian Etch/Plesk 8.6 platform ?
Or is ccgi still a better choice? If so, how do people interact with it given there's no ssh access? On the plesk host I can use cron to run jobs (clunky but it works) - not sure how to run anything on ccgi with only ftp access...

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Re: PAYH Platform questions

There are a number of better value for money hosting packages than PAYH, I've been shopping around and 'plumped' for vastly cheaper than PAYH unlimited space and traffic and has php 5.3.10 MySQL 5.5.22
Although I was nervous about transferring my site it was a piece of cake. Joomla 1.5.26 backed up using Akeeba backup made life so much easier. very straight forward and site is working fine.
Whle hostpapa is compatible with Joomla 2.5.x there are some issues with some of the components in my site so have stuck with v1.5.26 for now.
PAYH sucks, will be moving rest of sites when time permits.