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[PAYH] Pitiful data transfer allowance

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[PAYH] Pitiful data transfer allowance

I spent considerable amount of time this month moving my website from the old CCGI platform over to the new PAYH one. While the new PAYH has a much nicer control panel, the one concern I had was the huge reduction in monthly traffic allowance. Over on CCGI I was allowed 250MB per day (that's 7.5GB per month). I only went over that limit twice in the five years I was hosting there.
Now we are only allowed a paltry 1.5GB on the new platform. I switched my site on 15th Dec, and today I got an email telling me I had already gone over my limit. My domain name has only been pointing at PAYH for 10 days. Admittedly my usage will be a little higher this month due to the extra activity involved in setting the site up again, but with about 100MB of new traffic each day it looks like I have no hope of staying within the limit long-term. I'd pay the £2.50 per month to upgrade, but the additional allowance is equally scrooge-like and still won't support my current traffic rate.
All my site is is a WordPress blog. I host no images locally. I post about 2 or 3 times a month. Feedburner says I have just 90 subscribers. Hardly a major website. I daren't advertise my site URL any more for fear of driving the traffic up even further and getting shut down.
Plusnet, please reconsider these bandwidth allowances at least for customers from the old CCGI platform. I find it incredible that in 2009 I will be downgraded to a service five times worse than what was available five years ago. I have remained loyal to plusnet for many years including through various debacles including the accidental deletion of everything on the CCGI server, but if this PAYH platform cannot offer a reasonable bandwidth allowance, I will be forced to go through the rigmarole of moving my website hosting elsewhere, leaving me with one less reason to stick with plusnet as my ISP in the first place. And from reading these forums, it seems I'm not the only one who feels let down by this reduction in service.
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Re: [PAYH] Pitiful data transfer allowance

I too get daily annoying emails to this effect. Plusnet tell you to ignore them, for now as the plesk platform is a trial. Even so, they are very annoying and pointless emails.