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[PAYH] I'm ready to move my site in

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Registered: ‎15-06-2007

[PAYH] I'm ready to move my site in

I have a full-blown PHP web site currently hosted on my PN account.
I did the trial version of PAYH and was happy with the results but got bogged down with other stuff and my PAYH test domain expired.
I'm ready to move my real live site in now but i'm a bit confused about the move.
Will some body point me in the right direction?
I want to move in it's entirety from the PN CGI server to a new PAYH account.
Once I've completed the move, if I then change my ISP from PlusNet to BT Broadband for instance, what will happen to my site and email accounts etc?
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Re: [PAYH] I'm ready to move my site in

To get the domain pointed towards the PAYH platform, you would need to raise the request via / Hosting Preview / Re-point domain
If you were to change ISP's in the future, you would have the option of upgrading your Preview account to a full PAYH account, and would have the domain fully pointed there and use PAYH for your email service too.
If you need any more info, please let me know