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No upgrade path to fibre due to being on broadband-only contract

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No upgrade path to fibre due to being on broadband-only contract

Hi there,

I am potentially interested in upgrading to fibre. Every (non-Plusnet, including BT Wholesale) checker I've used says that our line should support it, and our immediate neighbours have FTTC fibre broadband (although not from Plusnet, but the cabinet has been enabled, as can also be seen by the proud sticker on said cabinet advertising the fact!)

However, when I click through my account to see the options available, the only option presented to me is a broadband-only ADSL contract, which is at a higher price than the one I currently have, for exactly the same service. I suspect this is due to there being no 'fibre broadband only' package available to new customers, and so it isn't able to suggest an appropriate fibre option.

I pay for the internet, and I have the bill payer's permission to use the BT line for this internet, but they do not wish to switch phone line providers. Is there any way for me to upgrade to fibre broadband only, without line rental, and to get a quote for this? I'm happy to pay for the router. I've been a (very satisfied) Plusnet customer since 2008, and I'm reluctant to switch providers, but without a fibre-broadband-only option, this may be something I will have to consider in the near future.

Many thanks,


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Re: No upgrade path to fibre due to being on broadband-only contract

@jamazzuk Plusnet stopped offering broadband only contracts sometime late last year so you may not be able to upgrade to fibre with Plusnet. However as an existing customer and if you are lucky you might be able to do it but the change of product to fibre could be the problem. You may have trouble finding ISPs who have reasonably priced broadband only services, the mass market ISPs always insist on having broadband and phone.😕