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No service at all

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No service at all

Can't get broadband as there's a fault on the line taking 4 months to fix and counting, engineers not turning up for their appointment, if you're not there for the engineer it's a £50 fine but we wait in for 2 days and no one shows, no compensation, how is that fair?

Also, if engineers aren't turning up to customer appointments I assume they won't be turning up to any other appointments either therefore no work is being done, do the engineers actually exist or is there not enough engineers to do the job and customers are just being fobbed off?

this is a strange way to run a company is it not?

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: No service at all

Hi there, I've replied to your other post regarding this here

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 Adam Walker
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Re: No service at all

Moderators Note.

thread locked in favour of the one linked by Adam.
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