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New to forum/Safeguard/safety notifications

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New to forum/Safeguard/safety notifications

Hello, Have been a customer of Plusnet for sometime, only just become a forum member. When I joined plusnet I had set up Safeguard some time ago, suitable for a young family, ie nothing bad. To be honoust I never really checked out the system to see if it was working. Lately with all the bad publicity about the WWW, I thought i would check to see what was available to me online. I was shocked to see that within a few clicks i could see pretty much all the nasty stuff you can think of. I checked out my settings on safeguard, all was as I had set up originally. I checked with online chat and was told there were issues with safeguard which were being looked into. Fine, things happen, except i now see on the forum that issues have been going on for a long time. When I go to Broadband service issues, there appears to be none. Now maybe I am missing something here, but surely Safeguard not working is a major issue. I am not an IT engineer, I am a customer who brings in this WWW to my home via Plusnet, but I expect to be able to control the content that my family can see with the help of Plusnet systems. I would apper to have tried to do the right thing but unknown to me a system used to control content is not working, with no easy way to know of these issues without very carefully, probably on a daily basis doing an independant check looking for nasty stuff online. Not a job I would want to do.

Surely there should be a more proactive warning system to let customers know that due to system error's things like Safeguard are not working. Warning parents especially that illegal and explicit content can be seen easily!

Explanations would be welcome

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Re: New to forum/Safeguard/safety notifications

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Re: New to forum/Safeguard/safety notifications

Welcome to the forums @Problems1, it is, imho, a shame you had to join just to point this out.

Although I do not use Safeguard, I totally understand your concerns.

I don't wish you cause any trouble, but I actually highlighted this issue 05/03/19

how many parents are out there thinking they've blocked (eg) 18+ sites, when in fact they may not be? What is/has PN done to alert them?

(not wishing to kick anything off, it's just this thought has been bugging me, plus I don't use SG and I'm just thinking of my fellow customers)

(my bold).

As you've found out yourself, Safeguard is not working correctly, it's just a shame Plusnet didn't inform you about this.

So, to politely ask again, what is Plusnet doing about this to inform parents Safeguard does not work?