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New customers fttp

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Re: New customers fttp

@bmc wrote:



"Plusnet Full Fibre is a broadband only package, so you don’t need a phone line. This means you can save on line rental.

When you sign up you’ll just need to let us know what you want to do with your phone line. If you don’t want to keep it when we’ll take care of everything and disconnect your phone when you switch to us. This will means you’ll lose your landline number and any services or alarms connected to your phone will also stop working. You may need to speak to your service provider about these.

If you want to keep your home phone line you’ll need to arrange this with your current landline provider. Your phone service will be completely separate from your Plusnet Full Fibre package."


It looks like PN posted that in a hurry without proper proof reading judging by the typos it contains.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: New customers fttp

Cheers for the feedback on that @RobPN I'll make sure that gets passed on to the relevant people here. 

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