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I'm thinking of building a wiki site using my webspace, it looks as if the infrastructure supports what i want to do but I haven't really got a clue where to start.
I'm looking for (probably) a structured wiki for 2 main uses.
1. To store tips, tricks, templates etc I use at work so i can get them when away from home and...
2. To build some pages the family can use ( a mix of wiki and flat HTML)
I class myself as a reasonably compenetent user but not a techie. Do plus net offer a "wiki in a box" solution or guide I can follow?
any BOFH responses will be politely ignored.
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Re: help

Consult Wikipedia  Roll_eyes

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Re: help

I tried a wiki, it got spammed, and I was not confident on how to delete the spam.
It was very easy to install the one I found. You loaded up a perl script and did some file permissions stuff up to the ccgi server. ( Plusnet have sorted the frustrations of file permissions, with good diagnostics, if you get it wrong!  )
Download from
I had to edit as below:
#$DataDir     = "C:/wikidb"; # Main wiki directory
$DataDir     = "../wikidb"; # Main wiki directory
I would also call it something other than to avoid the spam.
There are others. Here is a list of wiki:
One of note is TiddlyWiki. It's best to rename the .htm file to .hta

I tried a guestbook idea for posting notes and other stuff to my web site, without using FTP.

It only appends, and uses javascript to sort and select before you display.
It does need some techi skills, especially in javascript.
I think it is an easy introduction of Web page automation, but its not very secure.
You can read the source code by doing view source on the web pages.
You can delete spam using Telnet and edit the data file on the ccgi server.
I have written up my ideas at:
It's been used at work to update a notice board. The link to the web notice board is emailed around to interested parties.
I used it for booking sailing club boats, and other tools, for about 5 years.
I have used it for crude data logging, and had loads of fun from it. I have learnt a lot as well.
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Re: help

I've installed this on our CGI servers before and IIRC it was fairly painless.

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