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MySQL active but no database?

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MySQL active but no database?

I've not used my webspace with Plusnet as I have a reseller account with a hosting company.
I want to install a temporary forum on my Plusnet webspace, and when I click on MySQL Administrator link in my account it takes me to the phpMyAdmin page but it's totally blank, nothing on there at all.
Can't put any tables in there,thats  if I have to do it myself, usually the database is already set up on my reseller account.
Can someone advise please?  Should there be a database there already or do I have to manually install one, and if so why isn't there any place within phpMyAdmin to do that?
I also have no idea what the url of the database is, or the webspace url as I've never been given that information. So no database, no password nothing.
I'm confused!
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Re: MySQL active but no database?

Have you activated MySQL? When you do that you should get an email telling you the name of the server, the username and password and the name of the database.
Also, have you activated CGI? You can't run forum software on Plusnet's standard homepages server.
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