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I know this topic has been covered in other posts I have read through those but I am still confused.


We are moving on the 27th of November, I called the call center yesterday and the agent verified that there is a connection available at the new house, he told me that there is a cancellation order put in for the 26th of November (I'm not sure which provider this is with). But in order for us not to have to wait for 7 days without internet for the reconnection to happen, we need to ask the current tenants to cancel their cancellation order. What does this mean? Will there be a cost for them (or us)? And do they loose their number or something?


My wife and I both work from home, I am on an hourly rate so we can't afford to have no internet for 7-10 days.


Thank you in advance

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Re: Moving

This really is a crazy situation that BT Openreach are allowed to perpetuate. Basically the Openreach systems will ONLY permit one order to be placed against an asset(the phone line) at any one time. So what happens is that the current tenants, quite reasonably, arrange for their services to be cancelled or transferred when they move. This puts a cease order in place for the phone line, until this completes no other provider can place an order to take over the line. So despite the fact that you would like PlusNet to place a working line takeover order, they can't because of the pending cease and must wait until that completes before they can place any orders. As has been suggested, the only way to circumvent this is for the existing tenants to retract their cancellation and thus get the cease cancelled. However, if they are moving locally and wish to retain their number I suspect this may be difficult as the transfer of the number will likely be dependent on the cease.

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