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Moving to google apps

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Registered: ‎01-09-2007

Moving to google apps

Currently I have my own domain name registered with primarily for the purposes of e-mail.  For my own e-mail address I currently have forwarding set up  to my gmail account.  My wife and children currently have mailboxes with and access their e-mail directly from servers (but using my domain name).
We may be moving soon and at the new house ADSL speeds are very slow, but cable via Virgin is available.  In case I want to move to Virgin, I would like to move my e-mail away from and host with Google apps (which appears to do what I want for free - is this correct?).
If possible I would like move in stages - i.e. move my e-mail account directly to google apps, but redirect the mail back to my account for the other accounts in the interim until I get them all set up on Gmail accounts.  Is this possible?
The domain was originally registered with 123reg.  Should I transfer the domain back to them first?  Am I likely to lose e-mails in the process?  If I tried to make the changes over the weekend would that work?  Is there a step-by-step guide anywhere that will help me?
All help gratefully received!
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Re: Moving to google apps

I can't offer any advice on Google Apps, but as an alternative you could consider Instant Mail by 1&1 which could provide all you need, including domain transfer. It's not free but the cost is quite low. I've used it trouble free for many years now.