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Madasafish Justmail and Plusnet

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Madasafish Justmail and Plusnet


Been trying to get this resolved for years without success.

Can anyone help PLEASE.

PlusNet customer now for at least 4 years, every year I have asked if as PlusNet and Madasafish are now one company, can my domain and email be moved over to PlusNet. Then at least as part of the T&C's when I originally had the domain name and email registered I would not incur any additional charge.


Every year, including this year the answer comes back - NO. Why??????

This seems like a simple request and would save me £20 / year.


You can't even transfer to PlusNet in your Madasafish control panel - BECAUSE THEY ARE THE SAME!!!

Can someone please sort this out!!!!












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Re: Madasafish Justmail and Plusnet

Hello there,


We'll be able to move your domain from your Madasafish account to Plusnet, however, your Madasafish email address can't be migrated to Plusnet I'm afraid.


To transfer the domain across to Plusnet, this would need to done manually by us, which can't be actioned on your account Member Centre. To keep the Madasafish account open would unfortunately incur the monthly cost.


Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

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Re: Madasafish Justmail and Plusnet



Further to Anoush's reply. One of the reasons we wouldn't recommend moving the domain to the plusnet visp would be due to us not offering free domains with any of the plusnet packages.


All domains on plusnet (with exception of those registered under the £1 a month domain offer) are subject to a 2 year renewal cost of £52.88 

Currently your domain is renewed free of charge on your madasafish account. 

You might be able to register for the £1 domain offer but that is only open to new domain and not exisiting domains being transferred across. You can check that in the domain control panel on your account.


If you have any further questions relating to this please do let me know and I will try and answer them for you.