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MS Visual Web Development 2008

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MS Visual Web Development 2008

I am a total newbie here. Not really done any web development as such apart from playing around with VWD and running it locally on IIS.
What I would like to know is VWD compatible with PlusNet Web services?
So, If i produce a nice working web site with ajax plugins, login page, etc which runs locally fine, can I then upload FTP up to my webspace and all will work as advertised?
If this is not the case please could someone recommend the best way forward or tools to use...
Any help greatly appreciated,
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Re: MS Visual Web Development 2008

I maybe wrong but,
most AJAX Scripts are a client side JavaScript which uses POST / GET Method. (I'm not an expert with this).
If you then are starting to use something along lthe lines of ASP / Similar Microsoft Web Service to process the pages,
you're then hitting a dead end unless you use PHP, Perl or similar Open Source equivilants.
This is mainly down to licencing fees I believe for Microsoft Web Server arrangements.
The extent of PlusNet Hosting is the following -
(Again correct me if I am wrong, I beleieve these are all separate hosts)
WWW Space
CCGI Space
FrontPage Extended Space
FrontPage is as close to Microsoft Development you will get (currently).
Hope this helps!